Our Recommended “Get Started” Package

Our Premium Podcast Production package includes our suggested packages for podcasters who want to record their content on their own (not in our Virtual Studios), and who have an “average” release schedule (weekly episodes each about 30-45 minutes long). Selecting this package is also a great place start if you’re not sure exactly what you need yet. You can always modify your package later! 

Many elements of this package are customizable below, but the presets reflect our recommended Premium Package selections.

All of our Production Packages include:

Ongoing Podcast Production Packages
The main difference between our Premium & our Platinum Production Package is whether you record your audio content on your own or if you choose to use the Sheep Jam Virtual Studios.

The Premium Production Package assumes you will record your content on your own (using a mobile or desktop program such as Audacity, Garage Band, Streamyard, etc.) and then share your content with the Sheep Jam team for post-production work.

The Platinum Production Package gives you use of the Sheep Jam Virtual Studios with a Sheep Jam Technical Producer in your custom studio with you for your recordings.

If you wish to record both on your own (e.g. solo content) and in the Virtual Studios (e.g. for remote guest interviews), you can build a Custom Production Package here.
Audio Editing & Mastering
The amount of audio editing/mastering time you need is based on 2 factors:

1) The level of editing you want
2) The approximate total amount of audio content you release per month

We base our editing on 3 levels of audio engineer effort:
— 1) Essential Editing: time equal to the length of your finished content length.
— 2) Moderate Editing: time equal to 1.5x the length of your finished content length.
— 3) Complex Editing: time equal to 2x the length of your finished episode length.

We then factor in the total amount of audio content you want us to edit per average month.

To determine the amount of audio content you release per month, consider the length of your average episode. Multiply that length by how many times you release an episode in an average, 4-week month. For example, if your average episode is 30 minutes long and you release weekly episodes, your total average content is 2 hours per month (30 x 4 = 120 minutes = 2 hours).

Ready? Select the level of editing you want. Then you will be prompted to enter your total average content length per month in hours (decimals are allowed).

Not exactly sure what you need yet? Just select our standard Just Get Started! option below, which allows for up to 3 hours of audio engineer time per month. We can reassess after a month or two!

Note: All editing levels are based on estimates. Actual times may vary and may be subject to additional fees. For more explanation of our editing levels, please see the sidebar at right. We bill in increments of 15 minutes.
NOTE: If you switch between editing levels, you will need to first set the 'total hours' input field back to 0 in for the editing levels you previously selected.
Sheep Jam will publish your episode audio files and show notes directly to your podcast hosting platform. All production packages included basic publication to your podcast hosting platform of up to 4 podcast episodes per Cycle. This covers the needs of most podcasters who release episodes on a weekly or biweekly (every other week) basis. If this is also true for you, just select Standard Publication below!

However, if you release episodes more than once a week, or if you also want us to publish your episodes to a secondary location (like a webpage), then you can add additional publication options below.
Production Team Support
We recommend that you allocate 30 minutes for each Cycle of Producer Support time and 30 minutes for Technical Producer/Audio Engineer time by default.

— Producer Support involves your Sheep Jam Producer answering questions, providing guidance, and offering insights on your podcast production through our Podcast Management System or email. You can opt-out of this service, but if you have any questions during the production process, you will be charged for this service. Additionally, you can schedule meetings with your Producer through our a la Carte menu.

— Technical Producer/Audio Engineer Support means that your Technical Producer can provide you with extra assistance during your Virtual Studio sessions, allocate more production time for your audio, answer technical questions, and provide insights about your podcast production via our Podcast Management System or email. You can choose not to select this service, but you will be billed for any overages after the Cycle is complete.

Producer Support (30 min) — $100
Tech. Prod. / Engineer Support (30 min) — $62.50
Production Add-Ons
We offer a few additional services that can be included as part of your ongoing production package. Additionally, some of these services (and more!) are available as needed on our a la Carte offerings page.
Please interact with any of the choices availabe above

Total 0

About Our Editing Levels

If this describes you, then we recommend you choose Essentials editing!

  • “I’m a pro at speaking ‘on-air’ and on a mic, as are most of my guests (if applicable). I use minimal filler words (or I don’t need any filler words removed), I expect very few content cuts (1-2 per 15 minutes of content), and the recording quality of my audio and/or my guests’ audio is high.”

Essentials editing time allows for 1x the length of your final episode length, billed in 15-minute increments.

If this describes you, then we recommend you choose Premium editing!

  • “I know the basics of working with a mic and am comfortable in recording setting, as are most of my guests (if applicable). I don’t use a lot of filler words (or I don’t need them removed). My audio quality (and that of my guests, if applicable) is overall pretty good. My content requires a moderate number of cuts / edits (approximately 3-4 per 15 minutes of content).”

Premium editing time allows for 1.5x the length of your final episode length, billed in 15-minute increments.

If this describes you, then we recommend you choose Platinum editing!

  • “I’m new to podcasting and/or audio recording. My content is pretty free-form and unscripted, so I might need more content edits (5-7 cuts per 15 minutes of content). The audio quality or recording environment for me and/or my guests sometimes have issues. My guests or I use a lot of filler words and want some of that cleaned up.”    OR
  • “Even though I’m a pro at podcasting and recording (see “Essentials” description), I want more detailed, ‘white-glove’ editing.”

Platinum editing time allows for 2x the length of your final episode length, billed in 15-minute increments.


All pricing is calculated in Production Cycles of 4 episodes.

For most podcasters, this means a release of one episode per week and a monthly invoice, but you can release your episodes every other week or at any other interval.

Please note that we bill in 15 minute increments. Your final editing cost may vary per Cycle based on how much editing time your content requires.

Podcast hosting service costs are not included in pricing.

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