At Sheep Jam, we are constantly amazed by the incredible individuals that we have the honor of working with. Every client that we serve has a unique and powerful story to tell, and we are consistently inspired by their determination and drive to make a meaningful impact in the world. Whether it’s through a captivating message or cutting-edge production, our clients are ready to step up, stand out, and start now!

We are proud to showcase some of the remarkable shows that we’ve created in-house as well as the groundbreaking work that we’ve developed with our clients. At Sheep Jam, there is always something new and exciting in the works!

Podcast Launch/Re-Launch Cohort Graduates

Society & Culture: Relationships

It All*

On It All*, join Brandee Justus, Jena Kinney, and Sarah Ciavarri to explore redefining what it means as a woman to have and do It All* – Asterisks like competing priorities, imagined responsibilities and demands of multiple roles. On this journey, as Brandee, Jena, and Sarah untangle real life conundrums and laugh at the absurdities, they’ll share insights so you discover what you really want and do what you really love.

Business: Management

Leadership in the Moment

Join Jen Ransdell weekly to explore the human dimension in People-First Leadership. She delves into the science behind emotional intelligence and its significant impact on performance. She discusss the soft skills leaders need to help fuel the emotional components necessary for a more positive work culture, better engagement, and overall employee well-being. No matter your leadership title, this podcast is for you if you want to be the superpower that inspires, fosters, and creates the kind of happiness and trust in your connections.

Current Clients

Our newest show!

Music: Music Commentary

Verses: Where Broadway and Torah Meet

Welcome to Verses, a place to geek out on Broadway musicals, Biblical text, and the interplay of the verses in both. On each episode of Verses, Anita Silvert in Chicago selects a song from the Broadway canon and matches it with a selection from the Biblical canon, putting the texts in conversation with one another.

Business: Management

SeedJura: Decoding Law

SeedJura: Decoding Law decodes the complexity of the legal world so that business owners can learn how to use law and legal services to their advantage.

The legal world has become so complex, out-of-touch, and out-of-date that it is painful for both clients and lawyers to obtain or provide legal services. SeedJura: Decoding Law hosts (lawyers themselves!) Geneve du Bois & Phyllis Shuster believe it is time to decode the secrecy and complexity of legal services by speaking with both sides to make the legal process better and clearer for everyone!

Education: Self-Improvement

The DASH Mindset Podcast

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey with The Dash Mindset Podcast! Join Sheri Zevenbergen, a former corporate leader turned coach, as she guides you towards unlocking your true potential in all aspects of life. You will be inspired by the incredible guests, relatable stories, and practical tips and tricks that Sheri will share with you every other week. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to laugh and learn as you come to realize that your dash is an adventure between your birth and death, so why not design it your way? With the help of self-awareness and Sheri’s guidance, you can live more meaningfully, make the impact you truly want to make, and maximize your potential in all aspects of your life.

Top 10% global rank!

Business: Entrepreneurship

The Visibility Factor

The Visibility Factor with Susan M. Barber is a show where business leaders and anyone seeking ways to raise their visibility can come to learn how to take action in their own authentic way. Each week, author, former fortune 500 IT Director turned executive coach, Susan M. Barber will bring you inspiring guests, coaching, tips and tools to empower you to take action so that you can elevate your career and gain new opportunities. Topics about visibility, authenticity, confidence, leadership, impostor syndrome, and career transition will be discussed each week with guests who are amazing leaders and are doing great things in the world.

Top 5% global rank!

Business: Management

R.O.G. Return on Generosity​​

In each episode of R.O.G. Return on Generosity, host Shannon Cassidy, CEO and Founder of bridge between inc. explores how generosity at work impacts the bottom line. She addresses topics like cultural dynamics, team behavior and peer relationships. How do the givers give at work? What mindset enables them to think of others? Show guests are innovative leaders and organizations who believe in creating a culture of giving. Shannon learns their “why” and offers key takeaways that spark new practices and outlook.

Top 3% global rank!

Arts: Food

Kefi L!fe

Flourish and feel alive in mind, body and soul – the Greek way! Join radio personality Kiki Vale on Kefi L!fe, a podcast that will enlighten listeners to discover ways to prosper in life and seize moments. The energy and essence of our episodes is to lead you to a life where all is well – Ola Kala! Each week, Kiki will begin her episode with a logo, or word, to help harmonize your mind, body and soul. Kefi, another formidable word, bringing joy, passion & soul to the podcast, will combine with the tenets of wellness. Like a true Hellene, Kiki will share recipes, storytelling, commentary, expert interviews, all of which lean upon the knowledge and wisdom learned at the table of her Greek ancestors, philosophers and from leading doctors specializing in Integrative Medicine. 

Top 10% global rank!

Business: Careers

On the Horizon

Join Kristin Deutmeyer, Partner at Heidrick & Struggles, to explore the experiences and insights of forward-thinking leaders who are transforming their organizations by building innovative teams and leveraging technology. Heidrick & Struggles is a leading global executive search firm that helps clients change the world, one leadership team at a time. Kristin is a Partner in the Consumer and Digital Practices. Tune in to On the Horizon with Kristin Deutmeyer to hear success stories from some of the most respected leaders in digital, technology, marketing, and customer experience.


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Kids & Family: Stories for Kids

Be Calm on Ahway Island

The original Sheep Jam production, Be Calm on Ahway Island® was launched in early 2017 and is consistently one of the top Stories for Kids podcasts in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, and South Korea. Pairing original bedtime stories with guided meditations designed especially for kids, BCAI episodes focus on positive messages of inclusivity, diversity, emotional regulation, gratitude, and creativity. Best of all, the stories really do help kids (and even parents and pets!) fall asleep!

Top 5% global rank!

Business: Careers

Legally Balanced

Host Ari is a diverse partner at an AMLAW 100 firm and a certified career coach. She is passionate about helping diverse attorneys reach the next level in their careers. In Legally Balanced, Ari provides practical, bite-sized nuggets of career development, business development and related advice in 7-episode thematic arcs, giving diverse lawyers an edge in this very competitive field.

Health & Fitness: Nutrition

Small Bite Keto

Another in-house production, limited-series Small Bite Keto is presented by Sheep Jam’s founder herself, Susie Perkowitz! Susie is all about keeping keto simple. On the Small Bite Keto podcast, she breaks down keto bite-by-bite, focusing on the health benefits, fitting it into your lifestyle and the science behind the benefits.

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