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Podcast Launch Packages

Quick Launch

Are you almost ready to launch your podcast, but just need a little boost? Look no further! Our Quick Launch program will have you on air in just 5 business days or less.

Platinum Launch

Have a message to share with the world, but not quite sure how to turn it into a podcast? Need a Thought Partner to talk through some ideas and brainstorm? If so, then the Platinum Launch package is the perfect solution for you. It not only includes everything that is offered in the Premium Launch package, but also provides extra support from your production team. With up to three additional hours of producer time, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with a professional who can guide you through the process and help you bring your message to life. Whether you're a seasoned podcast veteran or a newcomer to the world of audio content, this package will give you the resources and support you need to make your vision a reality.

Premium Launch

Unsure of how to launch your podcast? Let us guide you through the process! Our launch program includes ongoing support and a well-planned series of meetings to get your podcast to the masses. We'll walk you through every step, handle the technical details, and assist you in recording your Trailer, Open, and Close at our Sheep Jam Virtual Studio, so you can start creating your first episode with confidence.

Podcast Production Packages

Streamline your podcast production with our tailored packages. Whether you’re starting fresh with us or transitioning from another production company, we have options to fit your specific needs. Build your own custom package or choose from one of our pre-designed options. Click now to get started!

a la Carte Podcast & Audio Services

Take your audio content to the next level with our expert services. Advertise effectively on podcasts with our custom promo spots. Give your open and close a fresh touch with our designed audio segments. And for those looking for guidance, we’re here to answer any questions and provide feedback on your existing podcast. Let us help you succeed in podcasting today!

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