Podcast Launches

Design a podcast launch package that suits your unique needs!

Our podcast launch process includes ongoing support and a carefully structured series of meetings to take you from the earliest steps of pre-production to transitioning you to post-launch ongoing production. Depending on the package you choose, we can walk you through everything from naming your podcast, to interview coaching, to the production of your custom-designed open/intro, close/outro, and trailer. We also take care of the back-end set-up of your podcast hosting, preparing you for the launch of your first episode!  

Along the way you’ll have custom coaching tailored to your needs, such as hosting skills, how to work with a microphone, and how to batch your work so that you can get a month’s worth of content done in just a few days. We’ll also teach you how to work with guests, so that they have a professional experience working with you.

If you want even more help, such as for us to find and schedule guests, and create content, write promos, etc, we can do that too!

All our packages include your custom Launch Roadmap, built within our web-based proprietary Podcast Management Platform. This interactive system is a one-stop shop for all the steps in your Launch process. You can even access it on your mobile devices, so you can work on your podcast on the go! Your custom interactive Editorial & Production Calendar, which will help you plan and batch your episodes months in advance, also utilizes our web-based Management System and makes it easy to stay in touch with your SJP production team!

Included in every package:
The basics to get your podcast designed and ready for production!
Dedicated Production Team
Custom Show Brief
Podcast Management System: Customized, Interactive Planning Tools, Calendars, Resources, Templates, and more!
Studio Set-Up & Sound Checks (Home or Virtual Studio)
4 Virtual Meetings with your Production Team
Custom Podcast Open (Intro)
Custom Podcast Close (Outro)
Custom Podcast Trailer
Customize your launch package:
Choose from additional services depending on how much additional support you want and/or what elements you would like to handle yourself.
Back-End Podcast Set-Up (RSS Feed, Hosting, Standard Web Page Setup), including Podcast Directory & Aggregator Submissions
Custom Podcast Promo (recommended for cross-promotion with other podcasts)
Coaching Session: Hosting Skills (30 minute virtual coaching session)
Coaching Session: Interviewing Skills (recommended for interview-based podcasts; 30 minute virtual coaching session)
Coaching Session: Customized Coaching on a Topic of your Choice (30 minute virtual coaching session with a Producer)
Coaching Session: Technical Topics (30 minute virtual coaching session with an Audio Engineer)
Virtual Studio Options
When recording with a remote guest, would you like to focus all your attention on your guest, their message, and your interactions? Or if you\\\'re recording solo content, would you rather not worry about the tech or file management elements? Consider our Virtual Studio! Powered by Riverside.fm, your private Virtual Studio provides a professional-looking and intuitive studio environment and high-quality recordings with superior sound compared to ordinary video-conferencing platforms. Plus, your dedicated Technical Producer will be with you and your guest(s) in-studio to handle technical issues and all your file management! You just arrive in the studio and be the star!

NOTE: Studio Sessions are billed at an hourly rate of $125. Discounted rates ($100/hr) apply in batches of 5 Sessions or more.
Launch with produced episodes!
Want to drop 3 episodes on launch-day? (Highly recommended!) Want to launch with months of podcast episodes already produced? Or maybe you just want to get started with 3 months of episodes before transitioning to an ongoing production package? Add episode production to your launch package!

We bill in Production Cycles of 4 episodes. If you release episodes weekly, this covers about one month of production. The prices quoted in this section are estimates based on expected episode length and desired editing level. Final costs may vary. Editing is billed in 15-minute increments.

Note: package options below go up to 12 episodes within a launch package. After that, you may switch to one of our Ongoing Production Packages.
I want to launch with the following number of episodes:


All pricing is calculated in Production Cycles of 4 episodes.

For most folks, this means a release of one episode per week and a monthly invoice, but you can release your episodes every other week or at any other interval.

Please note that we bill in 15 minute increments. Your final editing cost may vary per Cycle based on how much editing time your content requires.

Podcast hosting service costs are not included in pricing.

How to choose your editing level:

If this describes you, then we recommend you choose Essentials editing!

  • “I’m a pro at speaking ‘on-air’ and on a mic, as are most of my guests (if applicable). I use minimal filler words (or I don’t need any filler words removed), I expect very few content cuts (1-2 per 15 minutes of content), and the recording quality of my audio and/or my guests’ audio is high.”

Essentials editing time allows for 1x the length of your final episode length, billed in 15-minute increments.

If this describes you, then we recommend you choose Premium editing!

  • “I know the basics of working with a mic and am comfortable in recording setting, as are most of my guests (if applicable). I don’t use a lot of filler words (or I don’t need them removed). My audio quality (and that of my guests, if applicable) is overall pretty good. My content requires a moderate number of cuts / edits (approximately 3-4 per 15 minutes of content).”

Premium editing time allows for 1.5x the length of your final episode length, billed in 15-minute increments.

If this describes you, then we recommend you choose Platinum editing!

  • “I’m new to podcasting and/or audio recording. My content is pretty free-form and unscripted, so I might need more content edits (5-7 cuts per 15 minutes of content). The audio quality or recording environment for me and/or my guests sometimes have issues. My guests or I use a lot of filler words and want some of that cleaned up.”    OR
  • “Even though I’m a pro at podcasting and recording (see “Essentials” description), I want more detailed, ‘white-glove’ editing.”

Platinum editing time allows for 2x the length of your final episode length, billed in 15-minute increments.

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