Podcast Quick Launch Program

Ready to launch?

What is it?

What is a Podcast Quick Launch?

“Hi keto and keto-curious friends! I’m Susie Smith and I’d like to tell you about my new podcast, Curiously Keto. On the Curiously Keto podcast we’ll explore how eating ketogenically has gone from the misperception of being a fad diet to the recognition that it is a healthy lifestyle choice that mitigates systemic inflammation and helps strengthen the immune system to give your body better metabolic function. So join me, Susie Smith, every week on the Curiously Keto podcast! Go to curiouslyketo.com or subscribe on your favorite podcast player!”

Who is it for?

Is a Quick Launch for Me?

You can expand on the above example in a variety of ways. You can:

  • Expound more on your theme
  • Include your credentials, especially if you are a SME or thought leader
  • Describe “why” you are compelled to do this podcast
  • Note what makes this podcast timely and relevant to your target audience.

Your script can be whatever you want it to be! Just remember, at a minimum:

  • Repeat the name of your podcast a few times (at least 3 is ideal: at minimum, once at the beginning and once at the end).
  • Repeat your own name at least a couple of times to reiterate that you are the host (ideally once at the beginning and once at the end of your trailer).
  • Give listeners enough information to know whether they are your target audience and to let them know where to find your podcast and subscribe.
  • Your trailer script is not an ideal time to “wing it,” but rather is the time to be clear and concise. When you arrive in the studio to record your trailer, you want to have the same energy level and style of reading as you anticipate having when you host full-length episodes of your podcast.
  • Longer is not better. Your entire goal is to let people know as quickly and enticingly as possible what your podcast is named, what it is about, and where to subscribe. If you have a longer piece to say about the origin or focus of your podcast, we recommend saving that for the opening monologue of your first full-length episode. We recommend a trailer length of :30 (30 seconds) to maximum 5:00 (5 minutes). For guidance, the number of words in a :30 copy is roughly 70-80 words.

Now, write your customized script copy!

You can use the below template as a baseline, or write your own script from scratch!

We recommend you practice reading your copy aloud a few times to see: how it sounds, how long it takes you to read it, and if there’s any tricky spots to pronounce.

What Happens After I Launch?

Hi (everyone/friends/however you prefer to greet your listeners)! I’m (insert your name) and I’d like to tell you about my new podcast, (insert podcast name). On the (insert podcast name) podcast, we’re going to have conversations about/we’ll explore how (insert your theme). So join me, (insert your name) every week on (insert podcast name) podcast! Go to (insert URL) to listen, or subscribe on your favorite podcast player.

Or, you can download a Word doc version of this content here.