Our Clients

At Sheep Jam, we never cease to be awed by the amazing people we get to know as clients.  With inspiring stories and important messages, Sheep Jam clients are ready to make a difference.  In short, they’re ready to stand up, stand out, and start now!

We get that you’re already really busy and don’t have time to focus on learning all the technical skills and back-end requirements for launching and maintaining your podcast.  You just want to get your message out.

 That’s where we come in.  With decades of experience, and we can do all the things you don’t have time to do so that you can do what you do best- share your message and make a difference in the world.

Kids & Family: Stories for Kids

Be Calm on Ahway Island

The original Sheep Jam production, Be Calm on Ahway Island® was launched in early 2017 and is now one of the top Stories for Kids podcasts in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Pairing original bedtime stories with guided meditations designed especially for kids, BCAI episodes focus on positive messages of inclusivity, diversity, emotional regulation, gratitude, and creativity. Best of all, the stories really do help kids (and even parents and pets!) fall asleep!

Business: Management

R.O.G. Return on Generosity

In each episode, host Shannon Cassidy, CEO and Founder of bridge between inc. explores how generosity at work impacts the bottom line. She addresses topics like cultural dynamics, team behavior and peer relationships. How do the givers give at work? What mindset enables them to think of others? Show guests are innovative leaders and organizations who believe in creating a culture of giving. Shannon learns their “why” and offers key takeaways that spark new practices and outlook . 

Business: Management

Seniors' Care Matters

Presented by Deborah Bakti, Senior’s Care Matters provides inspiring interviews and insights to help those in the Senior Care industry lead, connect and engage with your residents’ families and your staff. Strengthen your leadership presence and approach with practical tips to build a relational culture that delivers on what matters to your homes’ success.

Health & Fitness: Nutrition

Small Bite Keto

Another in-house production, Small Bite Keto is presented by Sheep Jam’s founder herself, Susie Perkowitz! Susie is all about keeping keto simple. On Small Bite Keto Podcast, she breaks down keto bite-by-bite, focusing on the health benefits, fitting it into your lifestyle and the science behind the benefits.

Business: Careers

Legally Balanced

Host Ari is a diverse partner at an AMLAW 100 firm and a certified career coach. She is passionate about helping diverse attorneys reach the next level in their careers. In the Legally Balanced Podcast, Ari will provide practical, bite-sized nuggets of career development, business development and related advice, in order to give diverse lawyers an edge in this very competitive field.

Arts: Food

Kefi L!fe

Flourish and feel alive in mind, body and soul – the Greek way! Join radio personality Kiki Vale on Kefi L!fe, a podcast that will enlighten listeners to discover ways to prosper in life and seize moments. The energy and essence of our episodes is to lead you to a life where all is well – Ola Kala! Each week, Kiki will begin her episode with a logo, or word, to help harmonize your mind, body and soul. Kefi, another formidable word, bringing joy, passion & soul to the podcast, will combine with the tenets of wellness. Like a true Hellene, Kiki will share recipes, storytelling, commentary, expert interviews, all of which lean upon the knowledge and wisdom learned at the table of her Greek ancestors, philosophers and from leading doctors specializing in Integrative Medicine.