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how did we get started?

sheep jam origin

Sheep Jam was founded in 2017 because Susie, our founder, loves the power of podcasting as a medium. With a background in communication and commercial radio, Susie was instantly drawn to the “wild west” nature of podcasting, with its almost unlimited creative potential, it’s low barriers to entry, its democratic nature, and its freedom from the regulated nature of the radio industry. An avid listener of podcasts, Susie observed that some of the long-established standards and best practices from the radio world could carry over into podcasting to create even better podcasts than what she was regularly hearing. She founded Sheep Jam at first simply to produce her own podcasts before determining she could also produce for others, bringing her philosophies and strategies for creating top-tier podcasts to others.

why are we called sheep jam?

sheep jam name

A few years ago, Susie visited Stonehenge. All around the ancient monument, sheep graze in large numbers — in such large numbers that the sheep often resemble cars on a busy highway. Watching the sheep bump into each other, change position, and “baaa” to signal each other, Susie was amused to see such intense “sheep jams” rather than traffic jams in the fields of Wiltshire…and “sheep jam” was born!

what are our core values?

sheep jam philosophy

At Sheep Jam, we believe that podcasting gives a unique opportunity for people to get their messages out to the world. That’s why…

…we believe in Powerful Content. There are awesome stories and awesome messages that need to be told. We want to help tell them. 

…we believe in Diverse & Inclusive Talent. Everyone has a story to tell and a message to share, but we especially want to elevate those who get fewer opportunities to share their messages.

…we believe providing Quality Production. Simply put, messages can be transmitted most  effectively when the production quality of the message’s medium is high. 

…we believe in providing Dedicated Service. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to get their messages out to the world. 

  • Powerful Content
  • Diverse Talent
  • Quality Production
  • Dedicated Service

who are we?

sheep jam

The Sheep Jam team has over 40 years experience in radio, audio, and production.




CEO & Founder

Susie has degrees in Communication and Theatre Arts from the Loyola University. As a former producer and on-air talent in Chicago and in national syndication, Susie Perkowitz has produced, hosted and/or voiced countless radio segments, shows, commercials and sponsorships. An seasoned entrepreneur and an accomplished public speaker, Susie is also a diabetes advocate who has spoken at the American Diabetes Association annual conference.


Director of Operations

SarahAnn has a BBA in Marketing and an MBA from the University of North Texas. During her studies, she worked for the North Texas region’s premiere recording studio. As the Director of Operations at Sheep Jam, SarahAnn brings international experience and systems knowledge to the team, having worked in both Asia and Europe and in international trade for a Fortune 100 company. Bilingual in English and German, she also has considerable experience in theatrical stage production with a specialty in opera and musical theatre. 



Mike is Sheep Jam’s “secret superpower.” With multiple years experience in audio production, he brings a wealth of knowledge to strategic producing.


Audio Engineer

With a degree in audio engineering from Columbia College, Ian is a dedicated audio engineer with a high attention to detail who is always eager to collaborate with other creatives. 


Audio Engineer

Dakota is an audio designer based out of Chicago, IL. Graduating from Columbia College with a degree in Audio Design and Production, he has worked with audio for films, concerts, podcasts, and music. Dakota spends his free time writing and recording music with his band Little Yellow Dog.



A certified childhood education provider, Becky writes for Sheep Jam’s flagship show, “Be Calm on Ahway Island.”