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launch process

At Sheep Jam, we never cease to be awed by the amazing people we get to know as clients. They have inspiring and important information and stories to share, but they’re busy people. They want to leave the technical details to us. That’s why we’ve given a lot of thought to how we can help our clients podcast efficiently. 

Working with our partner company, qodpod network, we have developed the qodpod system. 


At the same time, heep Jam was founded in 2017 because Susie, our founder, loves the power of podcasting as a medium. With a background in communication and commercial radio, Susie was instantly drawn to the “wild west” nature of podcasting, with its almost unlimited creative potential, it’s low barriers to entry, its democratic nature, and its freedom from the regulated nature of the radio industry. An avid listener of podcasts, Susie observed that some of the long-established standards and best practices from the radio world could carry over into podcasting to create even better podcasts than what she was regularly hearing. She founded Sheep Jam at first simply to produce her own podcasts before determining she could also produce for others, bringing her philosophies and strategies for creating top-tier podcasts to others.

why are we called sheep jam?

qodular system

A few years ago, Susie visited Stonehenge. All around the ancient monument, sheep graze in large numbers — in such large numbers that the sheep often resemble cars on a busy highway. Watching the sheep bump into each other, change position, and “baaa” to signal each other, Susie was amused to see such intense “sheep jams” rather than traffic jams in the fields of Wiltshire…and “sheep jam” was born!